Na blogu - gdzie założyć bloga?

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Blog Blogosphere (called blogosphere), the term for all blogs as a community or social network. Many blogs are connected to each other. The authors read other blogs and leave comments on them, put them links, are also in the content of messages. In this way, the aggregated blogs created its own culture. While blogs are still a form of publication, the blogosphere is a social phenomenon and as other sociological research subject. love blogging The term “blogosphere” was first used (as a joke) Brad L. Graham, 10 September 1999. The term is associated with the word “logosphere” which the game. “logos” (word) means “world of words”, “the world of discussion.” Its widespread use began in 2002. Blogroll The English term blogroll is a list of links to other blogs. Some authors place where only blogs that we read and recommend, others – including those that link to them on the basis of reciprocity. Links from other blogs are important in determining the rate of PageRank, and thus position your blog in Google. Aggregators Aggregation Services use technology from blogs pingback. Publication of a new blog entry is sent so. ping the service aggregation, this receives information about the entry. Aggregator user can browse, search, tag tag, as well as subscribe to the RSS feed. Largest of its kind service in the world to Technorati. Polish efforts to create a BlogFrog aggregators and and Features also perform services aggregators collect links sent by users, such as Digg, in Poland. There are also specialized search engine for blogs, such as Google Blog Search, Poland unpopular. Comments The possibility of leaving comments is a feature that offers virtually all blogging systems. Only some of the authors to give up. Comments can be tracked via RSS or specialized services such as TrackBack It is a tool for quoting in the blogosphere. Trackback easier to leave in the comments to the article about the reference to it elsewhere, usually on another blog. Other gadgets In the blogosphere, numerous programs and scripts that help to increase the social impact of blogs. Some of them are: – adding buttons to help readers link to social bookmarking (eg, or sites such as Digg and; – scripts showing recent visitors, their own profiles and blogs, including offering MyBlogLog service; – a list of recently played songs includes features such as; – a list of recent messages from the type of microblogging services such as Twitter and Blip. Problems blogosphere – spam comments and trackbacks touching – dependence bloggers from systems they use, not all provide access to all the tools, eg trackback – blogging system developers tend to create a community within a single closed system.